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Part of the beauty of an elopement is that many (if not most) of the rules and formalities of a traditional wedding simply do not apply. There are, however, rules unique to elopements known as elopement etiquette that can and should be followed. Get to know the proper way to handle your elopement, from how and when to break the news to loved ones, to the proper way to approach a

post-elopement celebration. Our announcement etiquette section details the order in which you should let loved ones know you've eloped, while our discretion section outlines who you should -- or shouldn't -- tell in advance. We also cover registry etiquette, what to say in a formal elopement announcement, and the dos and don'ts of inviting guests (a more recent but extremely popular trend). Above all, elopement etiquette is designed to make people feel comfortable with your elopement. and provide guidelines for inclusion both before and after your nuptials. Browse our elopement-etiquette topics and see how they apply to your luxury elopement. 

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