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An elopement doesn't require that you forgo a celebration with loved ones – to the contrary, elopements are often followed by a reception after the couple has returned home, complete with cake, toasts, music, and dancing. The beauty of an elopement is that many of the rules of a traditional wedding simply do not apply, and that extends to the way you choose to celebrate your marriage. Whether you had a luxury elopement or simply stole away to the local courthouse, you can host any type of celebration you wish.


A Champagne-and-cake reception is the most common celebration following an elopement, and as the name suggests, Champagne and wedding cake are served sans meal. Cocktail receptions are also popular for post-elopement celebrations, and feature mixed drinks and appetizers (buffet style or passed), followed by cake or another dessert. Formal receptions, however, are also appropriate is you wish to host a luxe celebration following a luxury elopement, and the opposite is true as well – if a picnic, barbecue, or clambake is more your style, you are perfectly within your rights to host the type of party that will make you and your new spouse most happy and comfortable.

Learn 6 must-knows about post-elopement celebrations from wedding planner Cassandre Synder, or discover more elopement etiquette via the links at right!

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