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The gorgeous islands of Fiji would make a breathtaking backdrop for any wedding, but the ease and speed with which a legally* recognized marriage can be arranged for U.S. citizens makes it particularly perfect for luxury elopements. We've researched all the requirements, including necessary documents, fees, and how and where to obtain a marriage license, so you can see what it takes to coordinate a marriage in Fiji and discover if the islands are right for your elopement.

Basic Marriage Requirements for Fiji

Marriages that take place in Fiji are legally recognized around the world, but you will need to meet certain requirements to ensure that it’s legitimate. The general requirements for overseas couples are as follows:


  • The bride and groom must be 18 years of age of or older (written parental consent is required for couples under the age of 21)

  • A signed marriage license from the nearest marriage registry or district office must be obtained in advance of the marriage ceremony

  • The officiant/celebrant must be a registered marriage officer

  • The marriage ceremony must be performed in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 21

  • The original plus two copies of the marriage certificate must be signed by the bride and groom, their witnesses, and the marriage officer

  • The original marriage certificate must be filed with the district registrar or Registrar General within seven days of the marriage

  • The bride and groom should have their copy of the marriage certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade before they depart from Fiji​


Although there isn't a required waiting period, it is suggested that you allow at least 36 hours for the processing of the marriage license. In the case that you need to expedite the process, special arrangements can be made (see "Special Marriage Licenses" below). If you plan to make most or all of your arrangements (securing an officiant, choosing a location, etc.) upon your arrival in Fiji, we recommend giving yourselves at least three days to coordinate the details.


Getting a Marriage License in Fiji

You can apply for a marriage license at the Registrar General's office, a district office, or a dedicated marriage registry office, and you'll need to bring with you the following documents:


  • Valid U.S. passports

  • Original or certified copies of your birth certificates

  • Decree Absolute(s) in the case of previous divorce

  • Death certificate(s) in the case of widow- or widowerhood

  • Written parental consent of the father (or mother if the father is previously deceased) in the case of parties under the age of 21


Many resorts have wedding coordinators on staff that can get the application process started using copies of your legal documents; however, you and your future spouse will need to bring the original documents to the marriage registry office together to sign and pick up your marriage license.


Special Marriage Licenses

If you need your application process to be expedited, you can obtain a form for a special license at the Head Office of the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Suva; the Divisional Registrar Offices in Lautoka or Labasa; or any offices of the district office. Special marriage licenses are only valid for 28 days from the date of issue stated in the license.


Associated Fees

Many, if not all of the legal fees associated with marrying in Fiji are often included in the marriage packages offered by hotels, resorts, and other venues, but if you’re making the arrangements yourselves, here is the current breakdown in Fijian dollars:


  • License application: FJD $20.00

  • Special license: F$20.25

  • Marriage solemnized within the registry office: F$23.00

  • Marriage performed by the Registrar General outside of normal business hours: F$31.36

  • Masi (traditional Fijian design) marriage certificate F$15.69

  • Standard marriage certificate F$5.75



The following are locations in Fiji where you can apply for and obtain a marriage license:


Registrar General's Office

Ground Floor, Suvavou House

Victoria Parade, Suva

Tel: (679) 3315 280 / 3308 600

Fax: (679) 3303 676

Contact: Ms.Lolohea Baro



Divisional Registrar Lautoka

Crown Law Office, 1st Floor

Rogorogoivude House, Lautoka

Tel/Fax: (679) 666 5132

Contact: Mr. Viliame Kubanameca



Divisional Registrar Northern

Namuka House, Labasa

Tel: (679) 881 247

Fax: (679) 881 4181

Contact: Mr. Iosefo Rabeka





*Published information is provided as a convenience to users and is for informational purposes only. You should verify all information before relying on it. See our complete Terms of Service for more details.

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