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Investment Wedding Bands

One of the many wedding expenses that eloping can bypass is the cost of an engagement ring, since many couples skip the formal engagement phase when they elope. This, however, doesn't mean that brides are opting out of diamonds altogether (perish the thought); they're simply reallocating the cost of an engagement ring towards a spectacular two-in-one wedding band. Learn the most popular properties of what we've affectionately coined "investment weddng bands," and be dazzled by the beautiful styles that are accessible online.

Significant Carat Weight

Brides who forgo an engagement ring needn't feel doomed to less sparkle. In fact, wedding bands set with medium-size diamonds can tip the scales in their favor, as a series of smaller stones will often cost less than a single large diamond even though the collective carat weight may be higher.

Multiple "Engagement" Settings

The look of a diamond engagement ring with a bezel setting x5? Yes, please. By miniaturizing a classic engagement ring style and then duplicating it multiple times on a band, this type of investment band boasts the best of both worlds.

Double-Row Settings

Two rings in one is quite literally the case with this popular style that features a double row of diamonds. The dazzle factor of so many brilliant-cut stones set together is breathtaking, and pavé set this ring style on fire from every angle.

Mixed-Size Stones

While tradiitonal engagement rings and wedding bands tend to focus on uniform diamonds, mixing up stone sizes to create a unique look is another option for investment bands. Because there's a single ring, there's no pressure to choose a band that will coordinate with an enaggement ring, allowing brides to be creative with their wedding band style.

Eternity "Solitaitres"

Some brides really love the clean, classic look of a round diamond solitaire, and his type of wedding band takes that aesthetic and multiplies it sixteen times. Each diamond is given just enough space to shine on its own and the collective beauty is graceful elegance at its finest.

Photos: Blue Nile

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