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6 Excellent Reasons to Plan a Luxury Elopement

Elopement couple

Traditional weddings are fantastic events, and we whole-heartedly support those couples that want to celebrate with friends and family. A luxury elopement is an exciting alternative to a traditional wedding for many reasons, and we discuss six of the top ones here.

1. You Want to Maximize Your Spending Limit

Many couples are faced with two things when they begin planning their weddings: sticker shock and the realization that the majority of their spending goes toward guest-related categories. Invitations, stationery, food, drink, a large enough venue, decor, and entertainment are all major spending categories and are dependent on guests. A luxury elopement budget narrows the focus to rings, attire, legal fees, photography, travel to a fabulous destination, and lodging. With the average wedding costing close to $30,000, imagine what you could do with half that amount if you opted for a luxury elopement.

2. You Want to Skip the Stress of a Traditional Wedding Planning a large event can be stressful, even with help. Just sorting out the guest list -- one of the first tasks on your wedding-planning list -- can be taxing and cause discord. You also have to keep in mind that a wedding isn't just about you and your expectations, but also your respective families'. A luxury elopement only has to please the two of you, and the planning is similar to that of an amazing vacation. LuxElope can help with selecting a fabulous locale, local legal requirements, and where to stay during your luxury elopement.

3. You Want an Amazing Honeymoon

Couples often discover that their wedding spending is focused entirely on the event, with the honeymoon ending up as an extra expense. With a luxury elopement, a large percentage of your money goes towards the trip, allowing you to splurge on the best hotels and resorts. Many of the top honeymoon locations are also relatively easy for Americans to marry in, including the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, and Mexico, so choose a destination and plan to enjoy yourself for a week or more.

4. You Want to Focus on Just the Two of You

A traditional wedding celebrates not only your love, but the concept of family and friends being there to celebrate with you. Making sure your guests have a good time is one of the main focuses of the event -- and pleasing two families quickly becomes a priority. A luxury elopement removes the guest element and places the focus of the event entirely on the two of you and what you want for your special day. Can't imagine your wedding without those closest to you? Many couples are inviting people to their elopement, keeping the focus on themselves while still including their closest family and friends.

5. You Want a Luxury Wedding Experience A designer gown, a statement ring, fantastic photos -- these are aspects of a wedding that are sometimes downsized in order to accommodate the large spending categories like food, drink, and venue. Our sample budget for a luxury elopement allocates a generous percentage of your spending to attire, rings, and a photographer so the aspects that last past the wedding date can be truly luxurious. Always dreamed of amazing flowers? Indulge. How about a gourmet meal after your vow exchange? Completely doable when you're feeding two people instead of 200. Simply funnel your wedding spending toward those aspects that are most important to you. Keep in mind that the luxury venue you think you can't afford may be standing empty during week, and see what kind of pricing you can get for a mid-week vow exchange.

6. You Want Your Wedding to be Unique

Some couples simply want to go in a different direction with their weddings, breaking out of the mold of a traditional affair. An intimate vow exchange that you can put your personal stamp on is a memorable way to say "I do."

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