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5 Wedding Traditions to Include in Your Elopement

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A luxury elopement doesn't mean forgoing all the customs of a typical wedding. There are plenty of traditions you can -- and we think, should -- include in your special day. We cover the top 5 traditions to include in your elopement below.

1. A Wedding Dress Even if you have a courthouse wedding, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a formal wedding dress! Just keep in mind that a typical bridal salon takes a minimum of six months to get a dress in, and make arrangements to get a dress in time.

When it comes to selecting a dress, the number-one rule is that it should make you feel beautiful -- if you love sleeves, get sleeves, regardless of the time of year. Always dreamed of a strapless gown? Pair yours with a shrug or wrap to ward off the cold if it's off-season. And don't be shy about color if that's what you want -- the beauty of an elopement is that the typical rules don't apply.

2. A First Look The moment he sees you for the first time on your wedding day is one you want to get captured in photographs, and since you'll likely be heading to your ceremony together, be sure to take time to make the moment special. A professional photographer can help you coordinate for maximum effect, and the images that are captured will be treasured for generations.

3. A Bridal Bouquet The most feminine and meaningful floral arrangement can definitely be yours on your wedding day. A florist local to your elopement locale can create the bouquet of your dreams, or you can fashion one yourself from bouquet-friendly flowers such as hydrangeas. Tip: Wire the stems with florist wire to give them substance, and work your way from the center of the bouquet out before wrapping and tying with a ribbon.

4. A Ring Exchange A ring exchange is actually required in most legal wedding ceremonies, so you'll want to plan accordingly. Our sample elopement budget allows for 10% of your spending to go towards beautiful rings, so you needn't skimp, but rather invest in breathtaking bands.

5. A Wedding Cake

A petite cake for two is perfect for a post-elopement celebration, and you'll be able to feed each other the first slices for photos. Check out our Pinterest board of lovely styles that offer a huge impact.

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